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Men: Sweden win bronze

Sweden men, Olympic Winter Games 2014 bronze medallists Photo: WCF/Michael Burns

Sweden stole two points in an extra end to defeat China 6-4 and take the bronze medals in Friday afternoon's bronze medal game at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games curling competition at the Ice Cube Curling Centre in Sochi.

Sweden’s winning team included skip Niklas Edin, third Sebastian Kraupp, second Fredrik Lindberg, lead Viktor Kjaell and they were supported by alternate Oskar Eriksson and coach Eva Lund.

Current world champions Sweden started the game with last stone advantage having beaten China in the round-robin. They decided to blank the first end and then took a single point in the second end.

In the third end, Swedish skip Niklas Edin hit out two Chinese stones to leave two of his own stones lying closest to the button, but China's skip Rui Liu drew his final stone inside them both, to score one point and level the game at 1-1.

In the fourth end, Sweden's Edin had a draw for one point and a 2-1 lead and, in the fifth end, Sweden blanked again after Liu took out three Swedish stones with his own first effort. This meant that Sweden took a 2-1 lead into the half-time break.

In the sixth end, Edin missed completely with an attempt to delicately tap-out a Chinese stone and eventually this allowed Liu to draw his last stone into the house and score two points, to take the lead - at 3-2 for the first time.

Sweden levelled the score at 3-3 in the seventh end with a take-out and, after a time-out discussion with their coach, China blanked the eighth end to keep last stone advantage.

In the ninth end, China's skip Liu had a double-touch on his stone's handle as he released, causing the stone to be taken out of play.

This mistake ruined his intended set-up, leaving Sweden' s Edin to take out another Chinese stone in the house to lye three stones in scoring positions. This forced Liu to simply draw for one point with his second stone, for a 4-3 lead.

In the tenth end, both teams built up stones around the button and, eventually, Sweden's Edin simply threw away his last stone for fear of disturbing what was already there.

After this, an umpire's measure decided that one of his stones was just inside the best of the Chinese stones to give Sweden one point, to move the score onto 4-4 and put the game into an extra end.

China had last stone in this extra end but Sweden placed two of their own stones within the four-foot ring and, when Liu tried to tap one of them out with his final stone, he was wide and heavy, allowing Sweden to steal two points, win the game by 6-4, and take the bronze medals.

After winning their medals, the Swedish team spoke. Skip Niklas Edin said: "It feels amazing, we had a fourth place finish in Vancouver so we needed this as a team and as curlers. Fourth place again would have been devastating for our team. I was nervous when he played his last shot, but during the game I was fine."

Meanwhile, third player Sebastian Kraupp agreed with his skip. He said: "I honestly thought we deserved a medal over these two Olympics, we played a great game and I think we deserve this."

Second player Fredrik Lindberg also agreed. He said: "This means lots, it means the world to me. It's amazing to have achieved that medal."

Meanwhile, when asked how everyone in Sweden as well as their friends and family would be reacting, lead player Viktor Kjaell said: "I hope they will be going nuts - that's what we're going to do. They'll be really happy - it's always great to have their support."

Shortly after coming off the ice, China's skip Rui Liu reflected on the game. He said: "It was a pity that we lost this game, it was a good performance today. It was just the last two ends, we lost the one in the tenth and then we went on to lose the game."

He added: "The whole team played well during these Olympics, and though we missed the medal, we tried our best.”

This result improves the fourth place finish that Sweden’s Niklas Edin and his team ranked in Vancouver. It is also the only Olympic medal won by Sweden's men in the modern era.

However, they did take silver medals at the inaugural Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix, France in 1924.

This was the best result so far by a Chinese men's team in Olympic history.

Men’s bronze medal game:
China 4, Sweden 6 (extra end).

Men’s standings after bronze medal game:

Canada (To play Great Britain in gold medal game)
Great Britain (To play Canada in gold medal game)
3. Sweden (Bronze)
4. China
5. Norway
6. Denmark
7. Russia
8. Switzerland
9. USA
10. Germany

(All times local – MSK)

Medal Games (Friday February 21, 2014):
Canada v Great Britain (17:30)

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